Hearing notices are sent after a violation of the covenant or by-laws has occurred.  This is done so the homeowner has the opportunity to explain the offense to the Judiciary Committee.  If requested, the homeowner can be given more time to comply.

At the hearing, a determination will be given by the Judiciary Committee and a letter will be sent detailing the findings of the committee.  The homeowner may be fined for the offense and a daily fine can be imposed for each day the violation continues.  If the homeowner disagrees with the Judiciary Committee or feels the fines are unjust, they can appeal the decision with they HOA Board.  If the HOA Board agrees with the findings, all fines and costs will be back dated to the original Judiciary Committee Hearing.

If fines continue to mount and reach a certain limit
, it will be referred to an attorney for lien and possibly a trial.

If a hearing is missed due to weather, power outage or other act of God another hearing will scheduled.
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